Increasing Furniture Sales with Superior AR Experiences
Our all-in-one white label solution allows you to seamlessly integrate AR technology so consumers can visualize your products in their home and make faster purchase decisions.

We've worked with major brands to increase online purchases, reduce refund rates, and improve brand perception.

How does it work?
Your customer can try furniture to make sure it is the right fit for them. They can drag it, move forward and backward, put it anywhere they like! More then one product? They can quickly add more products to the design and create a perfect interior layout!
After that, they can order the products online. You receive the order immediately!

No usage limitations across mobile phone - Use across Mobile app as well as Mobile web environments. Without apps. Only user, only mobile version website, only furniture in your room.
They select any product they like. They scan their room with their mobile phone.
We integrate our technology into your platform, users can download your app from the Appstore or Google Play and use Faradise to provide them with an amazing AR experience.
Increase your sales with AR
200% Increase Time spent on eCommerce platform

20% - 80% In sales conversion depending on product category

Decreased by 20% in product returns

11x More likely to purchase
2.7x More time in the app
75% of consumers would like to see AR on a retail website
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AR by Faradise mean
Imagine if the line between the virtual and the real simply didn't exist. This is super power for increase your online sales!
Benefits for you
New level of sales
Using our platform, you get a unique sales tool that can not only entertain the user but also help them understand what furniture will look like in their home.
It's real
3D-models on your screen look exactly like real products. You can place them however you like across your room, you can also change the upholstery and create collections.
Our technologies are your opportunities
You don't have to spend a lot of money on developing a mobile application with augmented reality, we have already done it for you.
Transparent analytics
In our application you can easily find out which products are the most interesting for your customers.
Easy start
We integrate our platform for 2 weeks. We have weekly upgrade and your platform will upgrade too.
Direct contact with users
You can have a full-fledged representation in the app to inform your clients about discounts and new arrivals, using push notifications and promoted collections.
Let's start selling your furniture
Leave contacts and we will contact you
Easy start! We integrate for 2 weeks! That's all!
Our process of integration is very easy.
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